Do you yearn to heal the past,

Thrive in a present of unlimited possibility,

Create a new blueprint for your life,

Or make an evolutionary leap?


Learning the Infinity Wave, a channeled, higher-dimensional energetic, will help you to create the reality you desire. Think of it as a simple, practical and powerful tool to help to Awaken Infinite You, giving you a way to connect to your higher self, others, and the earth. It will easily and quickly navigate you through choppy, uncharted waters, putting to rest the old belief that deep change takes much time and suffering.


The Infinity Wave can:

∞ help to remove blockages and resistance so change is

    made easily (weight, relationships, money)

∞ dissolve duality and introduce multi-dimensional living

∞ clear the way for a co-creative dance with life

∞ instantaneously transform emotions and alter

    perspectives and outcomes

∞ bring a new context for living that is joyful and light

∞ provide a felt sense of the potential to become a

    grander version of yourself!


In its basic form, it can be used to encourage flow in everyday life, while at its most evolved, it is a vehicle for spiritual enlightenment. While playing a crystal bowl, Hope will guide you through a series of channeled practices so you can experience for yourself the impact and possibilities of this energetic. These are highly interactive workshops that address deep spiritual questions in a safe, loving environment.


Riding the wave of an evolutionary shift can be exhilarating, joyful and peaceful!


In the Wave Energy Evolution workshops, we're not just talking about balancing your masculine and feminine, light and dark, yin and yang, lack and abundance, etc. ~ even the use of those terms reveals their dualistic nature. We’re talking about a Universe without hierarchy, a world where being in flow is what matters and where non-duality is the norm.


What we'll be doing is bridging duality and multi-dimensionality, balancing humanity and soul, walking in two worlds where we experience ourselves as the godlike beings that we are while walking with two feet upon the earth. It is time to live as Creator Force energy, to know and BE infinite power and fulfillment!


Let's learn to create a world together where infinite freedom replaces constraint, allowing replaces controlling, unity replaces separation, and where you experience your thoughts becoming real with the Universe as your co-creative partner. The word “miracle” is used to describe occurrences that are beyond the level of our expectations ~ now it's time to broaden our expectations to accept that the miraculous is present in every moment...


During the workshop you will learn:

  • That the Infinity Wave is your birthright: You don’t need a guru ever again. You can go direct to Creator Force energy for your answers.

  • A new definition for who you really are: In our current world most people are confined by five senses. We will help you open up your sixth sense and the unlimited possibilities in the world of energy.

  • The antidote to emotional sabotage: Learn how to shift your emotional state and release your past at a cellular level.

  • Your sacred duty and position in the Universe: You hold a special key to the evolution of humanity, the earth and the universe. You will learn to live in a connected non-hierarchical community.

  • True Wealth: You may think you want financial abundance, but the truth is you want a new definition of what wealth really is. Learn how to manifest by drawing things to you rather than reaching out for them.

  • New models of change: Conscious evolution is grounded in making the choice to be willing. From there, resistance melts much more easily.

The Wave Energy Evolution Workshops are for intrepid travelers; if you are one, then buckle up!

If you would like to invite Hope to your area, please contact her at

Video by Cara Mary Mullins and Joseph Cisneros


Hope is a lovely gracious person and an amazing teacher. The atmosphere of the workshop is absolutely no pressure, very accepting and relaxed. I have found great success with this simple way of meditating .  Hard to explain but it is a way of meditating without having to sit and clear your head.  It happens  automatically with the Wave! This form of meditation has helped me tremendously in dealing with  stressful situations and taking the time to unwind. I highly recommend it.

— Mary Beth, Weston, CT