Structured Water


Wouldn't you prefer to drink water that's alive?

Did you know that: 

∞  Water that moves in straight lines (like in our pipes) is dead, but...

∞  Water moving in the Infinity Wave pattern transforms back into its naturally energized and alive state, and...
∞  Water that's Alive means an Alive YOU!

Your body desperately needs ENLIVENED water powered by nature, but this type of water doesn't come through water filters or in plastic bottles. When it moves in the Infinity Wave shape, it mimics what occurs in nature, tumbling down a mountain stream. This process oxygenates the water, among other things, making it more vital and available to use in your body.  Once you drink water that has been energized, you'll refuse to drink anything else!

Water Science – Energy Images


We’ve heard much talk about the value of drinking water. Whether from this site or another, you have been told that drinking water is important to your health. Hydration at the cellular level is critical for operating at levels of maximum potential, but what does this mean?

How can we actually see the impact drinking structured water has on us? Where is the proof?

Proof, for many of us, comes by way of seeing. To that end, we have “GDV” or Gas Discharge Visualization. GDV is a collection of photographic processes used to capture images of electrical discharges. Through this process we’re able to see with our own eyes energy variances of everyday substances, such as water compared to structured water.

Again, why does this matter to you? Beyond the major fact that we are made primarily of water, our bodies burn energy to keep up going, functioning and living. So GDV allows us to view the energy quality of anything we choose to put in our body. Through this process we’ve identified that the difference in energy the water we drink has.

In the images, you’ll see the amount of energy being produced by bottled water (or distilled water), then water which has been naturally structured by nature and then finally water which has been structured by Natural Action water devices.

When you drink energized water, the results are measurable. The images picture a person before and after drinking Structured Water, and is just one way of showing that people who drink energized water experience a minimum increase of 10% more energy instantly! Some people experience as much as a 44% increase! (The technology used to measure the energy of the human body is called Gas Discharge Visualiztion (GDV).

“Structures change properties vastly more easily and dramatically than chemistry changes them.”

-- Dr. Rustum Roy, scientist

Each time we interact with water that lacks structure (also known as chaotic), that chaos impacts our bodies, minds and overall energy.  Through proven science, our Infinity Water devices transform water to support your life and energy as opposed to breaking it down.  Until now, the water conversation has been about upgrading the chemistry of water through the use of filters but our Infinity Water devices are about changing the energy of water - this is an entirely new conversation!


It’s proven that people who are dehydrated are less productive.  A 2006 BBC study of workers in the UK found that even a tiny 2% to 3% drop in cellular hydration drastically reduced brain function and overall productivity.  Imagine how much better you'll think with a brain hydrated with Structured Water!  


These units are easy to use, dependable, and last a lifetime. There are no parts to replace or filters to change.  


Infinity Water devices are made of materials with properites that:


∞ Restore our bodies and the environment,

∞ Neutralize a vast variety of chemicals and materials that  

    are harmful to your body and nature,

∞ Clean water from almost all inorganic

    compounds, including pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, free

    radicals, heavy metals and other harmful organisms,

∞ Neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic fields,

∞ Increase immunity to illness and disease,

∞ Rejuvenate the skin,

∞ Enhance and increase the energy of the structured water,

∞ Purifiy water to bring nature's healthiest water straight into

    your body!


The Structured Water Devices offered below are a NO RISK PURCHASE. Backed by an unparalleled 90-day Money Back Guarantee and a full lifetime replacement warranty, these devices will save you tons of money compared to water bottles or traditional filters. Click the button below for more information!

Want to learn more about how the Infinity Wave and Structured Water intersect?

There are several striking similarities between the Infinity Wave and the Structured Water that we'd like to tell you about, as well as some of the latest water science!

This one hour recording features Hope Fitzgerald and Patrick Durkin talking about the science and benefits of Structured Water. You'll never think about water the same way after you listen to this!

Infinity Wave Meets Infinity Water 
with Hope Fitzgerald and Patrick Durkin
Infinity Wave Meets Infinity Water - Hope Fitzgerald & Patrick Durkin


“I have experienced many healing modalities and sessions as the owner of a wellness center, so everything I promote has to come through my knowledge and heart. Hope's work does exactly that. Through the help of divine guidance and her infinite knowledge, she can tap into any scenario and extract the heart of the matter - the truth and essence of the happening - providing clarity and a firm foundation, which encourages one to look within. A session that combines clearing, channeled messages, wisdom, and tools to go forward with that is a WOW.  I cannot ask for anything more…”

— Barbara S.