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Earth Practices


Establishing a conscious relationship with the entity known as Earth is one of the foundations of our spiritual practice. 

If you have desired to be closer to Mamapacha, this bundle of four Earth practices provides a pathway towards strengthening that connection. Each one begins with the Pranic Tube breathing method, which is the first step in becoming one with her. From there, you will be taken on various journeys into deeper appreciation and love for our planet.

These practices were channeled during Monday Meditations over the course of the last year (2020-2021) and re-recorded for this release.

Evolve Now! Introductory Video

The first step to Awakening Infinite You is meeting the Infinity Wave, a divine gift that, among other things, connects us to both heaven and earth. 


The Infinity Wave is a living energetic and as such it inhabits each of us a little bit differently. People who use the Wave regularly often live in a state of expecting what most people call miracles to happen every day. 




The Infinity Wave How-To Manual

Although we recommend the Evolve Now Intro Video as the best way to meet the Infinity Wave, we also offer the How-To Manual to help you remember how to use the Wave in everyday life.  For those of you who are visual learners, this is the perfect tool.  In this 10 page downloadable pdf, you will find dozens of practices and simple reminders to help you navigate life with the Infinity Wave.


As you practice the Wave, we suggest listening to the Crystal Bowl meditation you received for free when you signed up for our list, or simply play any of the recordings you may have purchased.


The Infinity Wave Original Practices

These nine recordings represent the first time you can purchase your very own Infinity Wave content.  These enlightening recordings will help to Awaken Infinite You, the one who exists in unity consciousness, owning your energetic capabilities and knowing you are a multi-dimensional being here to co-create in an evolving World!


This introduction to The Infinity Wave was lovingly created and loaded with life-changing energetic transmissions.



The Second Wave: Evolve Now! Practices

For those who are ready to delve even more deeply into their evolutionary work, these  recordings contain more direct information for you to play with.  Not only are they hugely comforting, they contain wisdom and knowledge that will further enhance your journey of transformation.



VitaJuwel Infinity Water Bottle

What could make more sense than to combine the watery essence of the Wave with real water imbued with those same qualities? The specifically-chosen stones (Sodalite, Clear Quartz, Ocean Chalcedony, and Aquamarine) in the Infinity Blend beautifully embody aspects needed for transformation on a personal level, which needs to happen in order for the larger whole to evolve.


Drinking this enhanced water will support the growth process through the following stone properties : calming, cleansing, revitalizing, harmonizing, truth telling, intuitive perceptivity, self-esteem, courage, balance, creativity, overcoming negativity, and optimism, to name a few.



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