Sacred Travel

"By going on the trail of your own personal mythos, you awaken archaic memory that activates dormant parts of your brain... these sites encourage us in our evolution."

-- Barbara Hand Clow


Every fall, I dowse for where I should bring a group the following year.  Each time, I am overwhelmed by how disparate people come together in one way and leave entirely changed, no longer strangers but dear friends.  And of course, we have all been powerfully affected by the landscape we have been in.  Our journeys are smooth and easy because we travel in the "Wave Bubble," as we like to call it!

Previous Journeys have included:

  • England

  • Wales

  • Ireland

  • South Africa

  • Southwestern France

  • Peru

  • Easter Island


Stay tuned for 2020 travel!



"You have given us wonderful gifts: new dimensions in spirituality and a shift in consciousness.  By doing so, you have changed our lives forever.  With love & gratitude for Peru!"

C & P, Syracuse, NY

Travel Testimonial