NOV. 10 (pm), 11 & 12, 2017

Do you yearn to heal the past,

Thrive in a present of unlimited possibility,

Create a new blueprint for your life,

And make an evolutionary leap?


We are living in remarkable times. Hardly a person is unaffected by the natural (and unnatural) events happening nearly every day. Many of us sense that major change is in the air, both personally and globally, yet instead of excitement and anticipation of a bright, new day on our horizon, the daily drip of news can keep us predominantly negative, angry and fearful. 


You may have wondered if this state of affairs might not be an accident. After all, confused, frightened and emotionally-exhausted humans are weaker, and weakened humans are more controllable. Better to keep us cowering and isolated than remembering the real truth: that we are powerful creators in the Universe!

Even knowing this, it can still be a challenge to maintain a state of equilibrium within the chaos. This is when making a choice for conscious evolution is required: to join other like-minded souls who are ready and willing to move up the spiral of their spiritual evolution in order to be more capable beacons of light and service on the planet.

So, how can we wake up and shake off our conditioning to ride the exhilarating, joyful and empowering wave of an evolutionary shift? It all has to do with how we respond each and every moment to the world around us. With a little guidance and an evolutionary tool, instead of being knocked down repeatedly by discordant happenings, we CAN stay loving, balanced and fluid, no matter what.

The Infinity Wave is a channeled, higher-dimensional energetic that arrived 7 years ago specifically to help us during these times in creating the reality we desire. Although it's a fantastic tool on any given day, it's real mission is to keep us compassionate and "in flow" when things get disruptive and unclear.

Learning the Infinity Wave is a simple, practical and powerful tool to help to awaken INFINITE YOU, giving you an easy way to connect to your higher self, others, and the earth. It can quickly and smoothly navigate you through choppy, uncharted waters, putting to rest the old belief that deep change takes much time and suffering. In its basic form, the Wave can be used to encourage fluidity in everyday life, while at its most evolved, it is a vehicle for spiritual enlightenment.


The Infinity Wave can:

∞ help to remove blockages and resistance so change is

    made more willingly and easily ...

∞ dissolve duality and introduce multi-dimensional living ...

∞ clear the way for a co-creative dance with Life ...

∞ instantaneously transform emotions and alter

    perspectives and outcomes ...

∞ bring a new context for living that is joyful and light ...

∞ provide a felt sense of the potential to become a

    grander version of yourself!




A progression of Infinity Wave channeled practices are delivered by Hope in harmony with the powerful sound waves of the crystal bowls, which encourage dramatic yet comfortable healing of the individual, the group and the earth. Throughout the workshop, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary evolutionary tools are offered. Individual attention is given to each participant, so bring your questions ~ this is a highly interactive workshop that address deep spiritual questions in a safe, loving environment.


With plenty of practice time, you will use the Infinity Wave on yourself and others in class to experience first-hand the positive, transformative impact of this energy work.  Weather permitting, we will also work outside with elements in Nature. 

During the workshop you will:

 ∞  Go directly to Creator and your guide team for your


 ∞  Gain a new definition for who you really are by opening up

     to your intuition and infinite possibility...

 ∞  Learn to manifest your life by drawing things to you rather

      than reaching out for them...

 ∞  Discover aspects of your sacred duty and position in the

      Universe - you hold a special key to the evolution of

      humanity, the Earth and the Universe!




Like so many these days, you may have noticed a growing urgency to emerge into the next, best version of yourself.  If you're ready to plunge deeper and faster, a Wave Energy workshop provides a calm yet swift support on your evolutionary trajectory.  These workshops can take you to a profoundly deep level, allowing you to become immersed in the loving energetic of the Infinity Wave while surrounded by other evolutionaries like you. Participants learn to thrive as multi-dimensional beings by creating a higher order of reality within themselves. 


Wave Energy Evolution workshops go beyond balancing the masculine and feminine, light and dark, lack and abundance, etc. ~ even the use of those terms reveals their dualistic nature. The Wave introduces a Universe without hierarchy and an attainable multi-dimensional existence where being in peaceful flow is the norm.


​Together, we can create a world where infinite freedom replaces constraint, allowing replaces controlling, unity replaces separation, and where we experience our thoughts becoming real with the Universe as our co-creative partner. We can be witness to how our limiting expectations can be transformed into accepting that the miraculous is present in every moment.


Wave Energy Evolution workshops are for intrepid travelers; if you are one, then buckle up!  (There's only room for 12...)


Infinite blessings (and I hope to see you there!),





"Hope is a lovely gracious person and an amazing teacher. The atmosphere of the workshop is absolutely no pressure, very accepting and relaxed. I have found great success with this simple way of meditating. Hard to explain but it is a way of meditating without having to sit and clear your head. It happens  automatically with the Wave! This form of meditation has helped me tremendously in dealing with  stressful situations and taking the time to unwind. I highly recommend it."

Mary Beth, Weston, CT


​"I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for the experiential journey that Hope Fitzgerald facilitated in this powerful weekend workshop. The Infinity Wave is so profoundly simple and so profoundly healing. I was interested in how I could use “The Wave” in working with clients in facilitating their healing and would like to encourage anyone who's ready for profound personal change to experience The Infinity Wave workshop for themselves. I learned how to “WAVE” stress goodbye and implement this powerful energy for any life challenges.  I truly enjoyed Hope's integrated approach of deep learning, joyful storytelling, and profound experiential journeys, this is a weekend not to be missed."

Kevin, Self-Care Revolution,

Santa Fe, NM


​"I am BLOWN AWAY by the Infinity Wave system and have been told by my guides this is the NEXT technology in the evolution of things like Ho'oponopono and EFT.  The Infinity Wave can move you instantly out of crises and into your soul vision of peace, possibility, abundance and power.  We have been using it here at Healing With The Masters for several months with astounding results. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and start using The Infinity Wave to change your world!”

Jennifer McLean, Healing with the Masters


​“I believe that the Infinity Wave represents the next phase of human transformation...I highly recommend that you apply it in your life!”

 Darius M. Barazandeh,

Founder: You Wealth Revolution


​"I loved the intensity of the workshop; it was perfect! Driving home the back way through the mountains, I was waving everything and felt terrific! For years now I've been sending love to other people, animals, trees, the Earth, etc. The Wave gives me one more tool to accomplish this in a way that feels very organic. I felt Hope had the right mix of personal stories and experiential exercises. I felt completely safe - thank you, Hope, for a wonderful workshop experience! Joyous blessings!"

Darlene P.

Manassas Park, VA

"I had the most incredible opportunity spending time with Hope at a retreat in Boulder, CO.  The best adjectives I have to describe her during that experience are: present, safe, warm, soft, direct, available, enlightening, generous, inspiring and transcendent. The awareness and healing I realized and received at this workshop has been deep and meaningful.  Practicing "The Infinity Wave" feels like the purest love connection I've ever known.  Hope says that I have fallen in love with myself (finally!) and now I can share that love wholeheartedly.  I feel such reverence for this expansion.  Three months post-retreat, I am still in awe of what an awakened heart truly feels like.  Hope's skillful guidance has led me up the evolutionary path to Divine Awareness, consciousness, deep trust, and love.  Thank you Hope!"

 Kim Z., Buffalo, NY


“I can't tell you how IMMENSELY GRATEFUL I am for that Infinity Wave Weekend! So much in me has changed because of it: every aspect of Life has become Sacred. My heart is full...deeper and wider....with Love. I'm feeling "pushed" from behind in so many ways, to live more consciously in the Present, and to get comfortable with living in the "not knowing" space of Life.  My relationships are deepening; I'm more grounded and connected to the Earth.  It's truly been amazing.  I use the Infinity Wave often throughout the day, and have offered it as a tool to many of my clients.  It's so AWESOME!!  Thank you again, Hope, for your Gift to Humanity.  I'm so very grateful for all you have shared!”

Laurie M., MA

"I am loving your Infinity Wave meditations!  I have for years, since 2009, been trying to get in touch with love, compassion, Source, Divine, God, Universe.  I must truly say, that I have only listened to the first 4 meditations in Infinity Wave and I feel the Divine for the FIRST time!  I just feel into the visual Wave with love, flow, gratitude, and compassion, and feel one with the Universe and fell so much peace and love within.  I love this work, Hope, and cannot wait to experience the rest of the Infinity Wave!"

Michelle S.

"I spent 35 years in therapy trying to stop repeating patterns from the abuse in my childhood. It wasn’t until I learned to practice the Infinity Wave that I was able to reclaim my life for good.  In the workshops I learned how to center myself even when faced with very tough circumstances.  I am so thankful for being introduced to the Infinity Wave and can only imagine how much the world could heal if everyone knew about it."

Sheri B., Cheshire, MA


Nov 10 (pm), 11 & 12, 2017


Nov 10           7 - 9:30pm

Nov 11           9 - 5:00pm

Nov 12           9 - 5:00pm

~ 60-90 minute lunch break ~


  • ​Original set of Wave Energy Practices (9 MP3's)

  • Individual attention, as needed


  • $388 (Can be made in 2 payments)

*A non-refundable $100 deposit is required at time of booking to hold your place.*


  • A blanket

  • A journal

  • An item that represents change for you, such as a photo or book

  • Comfortable clothing, incl. slippers