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April 2019

​The Other Side of the Coin: The Grace of Receiving

Expand your love

Valentine's Day 2019

It is Love, and only Love, that is the Source of All.
It is Love, and only Love, that binds us together.
May you create a huge bubble-world filled with Love, and share it wherever you go.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Who are you?

February 2019

At Imbolc, we sweep the cobwebs from the corners and under the beds to entice Brigid to visit with her blessings of a new year, while at eclipses, we scrub our inner worlds for the thoughts, beliefs and habits that impede our growth so we can invite our own intuitive renewal.


Christmas 2018

On this night,
wherever you are,
however you celebrate,
may you find peace ...

Renewal awaits...

November/December 2018

We've all had to make many difficult choices this year about what we stand for, who we want to be with, and what our highest aspirations are.  We've demonstrated this through spoken and written word, through art and song, and through large public displays of solidarity.  We are now stronger, with more resolve and bigger hearts, and with a clearer vision of what we want to create going forward.

The spirit of Samhain...

October 2018

The Earth needs us and we need Her.  I believe that as each of us rediscovers our innate connection to Her, we evolve spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  We may not fully understand what's happening on a cognitive level, but we can perceive the shifts in how we feel.

Blessed bee...

September 2018

If you've been playing with your own personal version of it recently, you may be feeling a bit exhausted and ready for the whole growth thing to pass – enough already!  And yet, if it’s still around, it means that the lessons are continuing to unfold.  So, what can we do to not only find stability while in turmoil but to peacefully enhance our evolutionary stretching?

What it means to be 'heartstrong'...

May 2018

When the heart bleeds, as it surely does in times of loss and dismay, I'm happy to offer a remedy so that a bleeding heart need not be a leaky, irretrievable heart.

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