VitaJuwel Infinity Water Bottle

Aquamarine • Sodalite ‌• Ocean Chalcedony ‌• Clear Quartz 


As we know from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, water has consciousness and is both an absorber and a transmitter of energy.  A thought, emotion, word or symbol placed upon a water container measurably changes the structure of the water molecules. For years I’ve wanted to develop water imbued with the qualities of the Infinity Wave, a high-frequency energetic of Love and Compassion, and now my dream has come true beyond my wildest expectations.

Vitajuwel technology made it possible to develop a unique blend of semi-precious stones and crystals that I dowsed specifically to carry the frequencies of the Infinity Wave. I was thrilled to discover after dowsing which qualities each stone possesses – I shouldn’t have been surprised that each one beautifully and perfectly reflects the sense of uplifting joy and flow inherent in the Infinity Wave!

We need every tool to encourage our spiritual evolution in order to be in service to the changes happening on our planet. Choosing water imbued with the Infinity Water qualities can only be beneficial to each and every one of us, so drink up, my friends!

What could make more sense than to combine the watery essence of the Wave with real water imbued with those same qualities? The specifically-chosen stones in the Infinity Blend beautifully embody aspects needed for transformation on a personal level, which needs to happen in order for the larger whole to evolve.


Drinking this enhanced water will support the growth process through the following stone properties : calming, cleansing, revitalizing, harmonizing, truth telling, intuitive perceptivity, self-esteem, courage, balance, creativity, overcoming negativity, and optimism, to name a few. All of these characteristics are essential on the path to personal growth.

The mission of the Infinity Wave is to enhance and support a person’s spiritual evolution by maintaining a flowing state of love and compassion. Outdated, inhibiting beliefs and old fears melt away under the gentle pressure of the Wave’s energy and bring about feelings of freedom and joy, even in the midst of challenging situations. The Infinity Wave is a powerful catalyst for change and as such, is a tool for co-creating a new world.

VitaJuwel Infinity is one of the beautiful ViA Collection Gem Water Bottles.


The Infinity gem blend was created by Hope Fitzgerald of the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution to emanate the energy of the Infinity Wave.  




Calms and cleanses physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Clears confusion, clarifies perception, sharpens intellect and intuition, and promotes communication. Soothes fears. Instills service to humanity, and love and caring in times of change. Overall cleansing tonic for organs and immune system.


Brings harmony, balance and purpose. Increases self-esteem and trust in oneself and others. Encourages flexible thinking and fearless expression of personal truths. Eliminates guilt, eases panic and causes release of old programming. Stimulates third eye perceptivity and helps with insomnia, dehydration, and overall balancing of the metabolism.

∞ Ocean Chalcedony: HARMONY & CREATIVITY.

Clears rigid thinking and enthusiastically opens the mind to new horizons. Promotes optimism, good will and brotherhood. Improves self-perception and eliminates doubt. Heals eyes, gall bladder, bones, spleen, lungs, throat and circulatory system. Turns melancholy into joy.


As the “master healer,” amplifies qualities of all other stones. Regulates energy, removes negativity, aids concentration and unlocks memory. Works physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to create balance, harmony and rejuvenation.

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