What is Wave Energy?

It is the movement of a higher dimensional frequency, which breaks up and dissolves duality, clearing the way for a co-creative dance with life.  Think of it as a simple yet powerful tool you can use to connect to your higher self, others, and the earth - the Infinite You. In its basic form, it can be used to encourage and allow flow in everyday life while, while at its most evolved, it is a vehicle for spiritual enlightenment. Easy to learn and apply, it's extremely gentle yet can pack a whallop when needed!  Wave Energy helps participants to quickly and easily actualize to their deepest physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expression.

What is Conscious Evolution? 

We are all in a process of evolving into a more elegant version of Homo Sapien, whether we believe it or not.  This push to evolve is growing daily and many of us have been experiencing floods of circumstances that require us to respond through growth. If we choose to, it is now possible to be fully awake in our evolution and even to have a hand in how we evolve.  That's what it means to be conscious - isn't it great to know you have a say in how your story goes?

Using our channeled energetic tool, the Infinity Wave, we will teach you how to thrive right nowby creating a higher order of reality. Our practices will smoothly navigate you through uncharted waters, putting to rest the old belief that deep change takes much time and suffering.  Riding the wave of an evolutionary shift can be exhilarating, joyful, and peaceful.

Why is it important that I evolve?

Each one who evolves affects the evolution of the whole - science tells us this is true through the theory of quantum entanglement. So, every step you take towards a more evolved you, will literally make the world a better place!  We welcome and invite you to share the loving yet powerful simplicity of Wave Energy. 

How do I download my MP3s to my phone or tablet?

Unfortunately, MP3s are not able to be directly downloaded to mobile devices. In order to download audio files to your mobile device:

  • Download the files to a desktop computer and unzip the file(s). Then transfer the audio files to your mobile device via iTunes or a similar application.

  • You can also transfer the downloaded audio files to a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox or Box. Download the mobile app for the service you choose, and you can then listen to the files from the app.

  • To open the audio file directly on your mobile device, you can download an app that can open zip files. You should then be able to access the files on your device.