Day of Illumination


You are invited to a special, annual event today, Dec 8th!


Here’s the story of how this come to pass ...


A few years ago, I was instructed through guidance to create an event for Dec 8 that would involve a large number of people coming together at the same time in a practice.  I wasn't told what the topic or purpose would be.


I was then guided to collaborate with my good friend, Cynthia Quintanal (, a masterful sound healer, musician and light worker.  I scheduled a day to record with her and then opened myself well in advance to receive a channeling to be used for the event.  Strangely, nothing emerged that could be used for this event though I tried repeatedly for 2 months.


As I waited for more information, I was told that Dec 8 is the day that many Zen Buddhists celebrate Buddha's Day of Illumination, which I had not realized.  Interesting, I thought.  Still I waited.


Finally, it was the day to record and as I drove the 2 hours to Cynthia, I repeatedly pleaded with Source to bring a practice forward when I arrived so I would be able to deliver on my promise.  At that time, I was not yet comfortable channeling 'on the fly' so I was getting a little nervous.


As soon as I arrived and sat down to channel, I was overtaken by the sweetest presence.  My body involuntarily moved into a lotus position and when I opened my mouth to speak, a deeper, foreign voice emerged with 10 minutes of wise, generous and loving things to say.  The energy in the room was indescribably beautifulful and expansive - the Buddha was in the house.  No one could have been more surprised than I!


Afterwards, Cynthia chose a piece of her original music to underscore the message, followed by a beautiful solo of her own that matched the channeling perfectly. 


This is Buddha's and our gift to you on Illumination Day.  If you wish to tune in with us on the 8th, we will be meditating at 8pm EST but you may do the practice at any time and for as many times as you wish.





We hope you will be as moved and inspired by it as we are ~ I believe the message is that we ALL can have a brilliant Illumination Day!  Please feel free to invite others to join the event - the more, the better!