Wherever you are, whatever you're busy with, you can know that magic exists right outside your door and, of course, within your beautiful heart. I see each of us as lights that connect us all in an infinite web of life. When we come together with the power of collective, harmonized, heart-based intent, we can serve humanity and the planet during these changing times. What we emanate CAN shape reality and, because we work with the flowing figure "8," what we send out MUST return to us as well!

​For about 9 months, a small group of us have been "waving" every day at 1pm Eastern time. Even when we didn't use a specific intention, just hooking into the collective for 5 minutes has become a powerful midday spiritual refresher!

And when we added an intention, wow! You'll see what I mean when you try it. The simple steps are listed below. You can imagine tapping into the Wave Collective much like the photo on this page, only instead of Waving with a single person, you're waving into a large group.

NOTE:  There is no “wrong” or “right” way to do the Wave – whatever your imagination produces for you, is just fine.  The main thing is to have movement in the figure 8.

Infinity Wheel Daily Practice


Step One: Close your eyes and sit comfortably, feet on the floor and hands in a comfortable, resting position. Bring your focus and your deep breath to your heart center.


Step Two: Imagine a figure 8 made of flowing water. Place one end of the figure 8 loop in or around your heart and the other end of the loop into an imagined circle of people (the Collective) of which you are a member.  Each person is simultaneously sending and receiving Infinity Waves into and out of the Collective. (If you are part of a group in person, you can connect with each person one at a time or simply Wave with the person opposite you.) Remember that the figure 8 is made of water, which is flowing between your heart and the heart of the other person or into the group in general. Inherent in this watery flow is highly purified Love and Compassion.  


Step Three:  If you don’t have a specific intention, focus on the ebb and flow of the Wave while saying this invocation:


“I ask and allow by spiritual law that the wholeness of my heart be extended to the planet, her creatures and her people.”


If you do have a specific intention, you can replace the invocation with that.

Allow the Wave to continue flowing until you feel complete. The entire process may only take a few minutes.

Please email me at with your experiences. Once we get our sea legs, I'll start taking healing requests, which could be for a personal (physical, mental or emotional) issue or something more global.

With gratitude and love,


Infinity Wave, Infinity Wheel, Heartmath Institute

image credit: Heartmath Institute

As more evidence of how we effect our environment and each other, please enjoy this fascinating conversation between Lynne McTaggart and Joe Dispenza. Interestingly, Lynne McTaggart has also authored a book called Circles of Eight!

Infinity Wheel

Daily Practice

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