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Voyager Coaching 


Is it time to get your evolution launched? Or, have you already set sail but now are at a difficult passage?


So many people are hungry to evolve into a direct connection with Source energy and yet when they do, it can be both surprising and challenging to understand, not to mention overwhelming to accomplish the changes that are required. We're not meant to take these evolutionary steps (or leaps!) alone - in reality, we're SO in this together!

Voyager Coaching is a supportive platform to guide you through the rough waters, and help you to establish and maintain new habits and perspectives. The kinds of monumental changes we are being called to can seem daunting to accomplish alone. During these one-on-one Skype or phone sessions, I will steer you through the stormy seas as you fully integrate your new, more-evolved self.


I've created these coaching options to ensure that you're successful in your evolutionary process. I deeply enjoy guiding people through their voyage with the help of Intuitive Dowsing. One of my primary goals is to encourage YOU to trust and grow your own intuition.


Those of you who have had sessions with me know that we get A LOT done in half an hour. With the dowsing rods, we’re able to penetrate to the heart of an issue quickly and efficiently. Typically, clients feel tremendous relief when confirming truths arise, and they end the session calmly, with a strong sense of next steps.


For specific guidance along the evolutionary path to Awaken Infinite You, you can engage directly with me in person, via Skype or on the phone. Through intuitive dowsing, I will offer insights for your personal and/or spiritual development by addressing your questions and potentially engaging in a practice specially designed for you.


“I have experienced many healing modalities and sessions as the owner of a wellness center, so everything I promote has to come through my knowledge and heart. Hope's work does exactly that. Through the help of divine guidance and her infinite knowledge, she can tap into any scenario and extract the heart of the matter - the truth and essence of the happening - providing clarity and a firm foundation, which encourages one to look within. A session that combines clearing, channeled messages, wisdom, and tools to go forward with that knowledge..it is a WOW.  I cannot ask for anything more…”

— Barbara S.


1/2 hour: $150   |   Additional 15 minute increments: $50


3 half-hour sessions

(must be used within one month)



(30% discount!)


6 half-hour sessions

(must be used within two months)



(30% discount!)


9 half-hour sessions

(must be used within three months)



(30% discount! Plus, BONUS!)

BONUS INCLUDED: Intro Video, How-To Manual, & Original MP3s, ($200 value!)

Included in these programs is an SOS call option. 

If you have an emergency, I promise to create time for you within a 24-hour period (exceptions are if I'm traveling).