Until now, I have kept my channelings quite close to my chest for a variety of reasons, but my guides have now asked me to make these messages more publicly available. 


Therefore, I've decided to begin offering a monthly Channeling Exploration. The call will last about an hour, and will include a Q&A portion after my guides' message concludes. Since my style of channeling usually includes some upper body movement, it's best for me to do these meetings without video so I am able to move more freely. 


These Channeling Explorations will be held on the third Monday of each month, from 6:30 - 7:30pm EDT, immediately preceding the Monday Meditation Circle at 7:30pm EDT. 

While I offer the Monday Meditation Circles free of charge, these special Channeling Exploration sessions carry a charge of $40.

Channeling Exploration Header -
June 20, 2022 • 7:30pm EDT • ZOOM

To register for the call, please fill out the information below, and submit payment on the following page.