AMA - Free Chant


From time to time, I receive strong guidance to create a special event to unite people in a practice for Humanity and the Earth.  I then dowse for the date, time, purpose and content of the practice.

In July 2014, I was told we would be experiencing a life force energy called AMA, which was introduced to me by Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.  They said we can think of it as chi or kundalini with the added components of Empathy, Compassion and Love.  As such, it is a perfect balance of Masculine/Feminine energies, emanating from the Earth itself.

At first, it seemed that the Infinity Wave and AMA might be one and the same because of their shared characteristics but upon further questioning, I came to understand that they are distinct yet complimentary forces.  The Infinity Wave is a pure 10th dimensional energetic force composed of Love and Compassion (and other trace minerals), which we may use to help us to change more quickly, smoothly and easily.  AMA is a pure and powerful life force with similar properties, but rising from the Earth, as described above. They can work together in a harmonious dance.


"When you transmit AMA, you will rise above your fear.

When you stay in AMA, nothing can harm you."

- Mother Mary


Perhaps you have heard and chanted the word before or maybe you have already sensed a different quality to the life force energy around you but had no name for it.  So far, my interaction with AMA has brought sensations that are difficult to put into words: gentle, yet very wide, full, and extremely potent.  But see what you feel.


"AMA is more of a sound than a word."


Another Ascended Master, self-described as "a Master of Sound and a maker of OM" (and other creation sounds), wants us to understand that sound is much more important than some might realize.  We each have a Soul Note and are urged to access our "soul music, the many songs within ourselves" and to express that regularly.  This Master says:

"AMA is a sound of Creation. In order for you to create a new world, it is necessary to use sound. I encourage you to produce sound in your desire to create a world of Cooperation and Love. Harmony is key."


I was told to use my voice to express AMA in layers of harmonics, so I collaborated with my good friend, Cynthia Quintanal, a masterful sound healer, musician, light worker and studio engineer.  We put our heads and hearts together in the delightful Q Studio to create a recording, while her husband, Rick, followed up by skillfully applying the final polish.  I can't think of a more loving and receptive team to welcome AMA!

Your part is to simply lend your voice, and you can do this whenever you feel moved to.  You will hear a series of basic chords that repeat and build throughout the 18 minute chant.  (You will also hear an occasional free-form melody that emerged during the process and felt like AMA itself acknowledging and comforting a struggling world.)  You can quietly hum along or improvise at the top of your lungs ~ I hope you will let it out with gusto!  This is your opportunity to play and find your personal note while also contributing to a greater cause!

To conjure AMA, full of Empathy, Compassion and Love,

envision a world of loving Cooperation,

whatever that looks like to you.

We will be doing more group soundings like this one in the future. In the meantime, invite AMA into your being at any time, whether you choose to listen to the recording or not.  This page will remain open and available.


Although this feels true enough to me to create an event like this, ultimately it's up to you and what feels true to your being.  Cynthia, Rick and I hope you will be inspired by it and that you'll share it far and wide ~ the more open, sounding hearts, the better! 


With gratitude and love,


Wave Energy Center


18-minute chant

AMA Full Length Chant - Hope Fitzgerald and Cynthia Quintanel


"I just came across the AMA Chant on your web site. Wow!  It is so deeply penetrating and healing, all the cells in my body were vibrating. My heart chakra seemed to be more open and at the certain points, the energy of AMA almost made me want to weep. It is such a soul touching energy.  Thank you so much for making it available free for us!"

— Weiping