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Wave energy is the movement of a higher dimensional frequency, which breaks up and dissolves duality, clearing the way for a co-creative dance with life.  Think of it as a simple yet powerful tool you can use to connect to your higher self, to others, and to the Earth - the Infinite You.

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Healy is the latest cutting-edge device for wellness using microcurrents and frequency. 

Monday Meditation 2021



Join us on Mondays for free channeled meditations via Zoom at 7:30pm EST. These are a great way to stay connected and raise your frequency!


GodSelf University, Hope Fitzgerald, Infinity Wave

Hope is on the faculty of Godself University, which believes that you are a unique, essential fractal of the Divine. Godself is here to support your awakening and actualizing  into this truth.


Each of us has a crucial role to play in the unfolding evolution of Humanity, the Earth and the Cosmos. Whether you understand your role already or are simply opening to the possibility that you have one, GodSelf University offers high-vibrational courses and specialized services for you to expand into and live from your fully-integrated Divine Essence, your God Self.  

My Healing Rooms, Hope Fitzgerald

Created by Barbara Slaine, founder of the Liphe Balance Center, My Healing Rooms offers a complimentary online resource for healing modalities that balance and nurture body, mind, soul and spirit. The site features acclaimed healing practitioners who share insights about their expertise through interviews and demonstrations, meditations and information about alternative medicine and holistic therapies that have the power to help people reclaim their health - mind, body, and soul.

Wisdom of the World, Infinity Wave

Wisdom of the World is dedicated helping to awaken the inherent wisdom in every person on the planet so that we all can be present for the important choices and transitions in our lives. 


Our allies, partners, and collaborators share with us a passionate commitment to collaborate with others to co-create a compassionate, just, peaceful, and thriving world. We are dedicated to the discovery and exploration of both ancient and modern techniques that spark “moments of Awe”—which bring insight, distinction, clarity, Wisdom, understanding, connection, inspiration, and peace.


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