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"I am BLOWN AWAY by the Infinity Wave system and have been told by my guides this is the NEXT technology in the evolution of things like Ho'oponopono and EFT."

Jennifer McLean,

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"I believe that the Infinity Wave represents the next phase of human transformation...I highly recommend that you apply it in your life!"

Darius M. Barazandeh

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"Hope is a spectacular example of selfless compassion, honesty and extreme integrity.  Her Infinity Wave is absolutely amazing and I have used it for a zillion things with magical results.  Don't let its simplicity fool you; I have seen a lot of stuff both as a show host and in my own intuitive practice, and this is truly representative of the multi-dimensional tools that are being provided to us with this new energy.  Honor yourself and have a session or 2 or 10 with Hope!  I am sure you will be as amazed as I have been!"

Mariana Cooper

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Intuitive Dowsing

Please watch this short video to get an idea of how dowsing works...

Now that you've seen the video, we can talk about how a private session works...


Generally, people come to me when they are at a crossroads with burning questions about a direction to take, a partnership in business or love, a potential move, or an overall issue of not knowing what to do with their lives.  In my experience, no matter what the dilemna is, the dowsing rods can provide guidance, and I love to help with that.


You might wonder where this information comes from and I can only tell you that I believe it is an untarnished wisdom from the Universal consciousness.  This particular brand of wisdom is quite expansive and impartial, yet very compassionate.  And this is where the "intuitive" comes in: my job is to remove my personality from the equation as much as possible in order to be a clear conduit for the information, while also acting as the loving interpreter.  I often receive key phrases, metaphors and 'nudges' about how to navigate the session from my spirit guides.


I have no expectations as I enter into the process and am completely detached from the outcome.  Therefore, if you should decide not to follow the advice from the rods, it does not affect me in the slightest.  We all have free will to make the decisions we feel are best for us, and I support you in that.


The experience both for me and the dowsee is a greater perspective - there are often scenarios and solutions that neither of us could have arrived at with our own human minds.  This is the part of Intuitive Dowsing that I enjoy most - it's like following the breadcrumbs into the forest and being delightfully surprised to find a treasure lying just around the corner!


It's possible that some information that comes through will not be what your mind will want to hear, and you may need some time to integrate it.  We can always discover what to do with what you've learned and look for the sofest landing possible.  The guidance is merely offered as new input to toss into your decision "pot" - as always, YOU get to choose...


Voyager Coaching

Is it time to get your evolution launched?  Or, have you already set sail but now are at a difficult passage?


So many people are hungry to evolve into a direct connection with Source energy and yet when they do, it can be both surprising and challenging to understand, not to mention overwhelming to accomplish the changes that are required. We're not meant to take these evolutionary steps (or leaps!) alone - in reality, we're SO in this together!


Voyager Coaching is a supportive platform to guide you through the rough waters, and help you to establish and maintain new habits and perspectives.  The kinds of monumental changes we are being called to can seem daunting to accomplish alone.  During these one-on-one Skype or phone sessions, I will steer you through the stormy seas as you fully integrate your new, more-evolved self.


I've created these coaching options to ensure that you're successful in your evolutionary process.  I deeply enjoy guiding people through their voyage with the help of Intuitive Dowsing (for more info CLICK HERE).  One of my primary goals is to encourage YOU to trust and grow your own intuition.


Those of you who have had sessions with me know that we get A LOT done in half an hour.  With the dowsing rods, we're able to penetrate to the heart of an issue quickly and efficiently.  Typically, clients feel tremendous relief when confirming truths arise, and they end the session calmly, with a strong sense of next steps.


Coaching Options:


Private Sessions with Hope


For specific guidance along the evolutionary path to Awaken Infinite You, you can engage directly with me in person, via Skype or on the phone.  Through intuitive dowsing, she will offer insights for your personal and spiritual development by addressing your questions and potentially engaging in a practice specially designed for you.  We can get a lot done in a very short amount of time! :)


Member American Society of Dowsers

1/2 Hour Private Session
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Additional 15 minute increments
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BONUS: Included in the programs below is an SOS call option.  If you have an emergency, I promise to create time for you within a 24-hour period (exceptions are if I'm traveling).


3  half-hour sessions (must be used within one month)

$450 value minus 30% discount

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6  half-hour sessions (must be used within two months)

$900 value minus 30% discount

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9  half-hour sessions (must be used within three months)

BONUS INCLUDED: Intro Video, How-To Manual, & Original MP3's, (value $200)

$1350 value minus 30% discount

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“Hope is a direct channel to the divine. When I am looking for higher guidance, I connect with Hope and she connects me with my higher self so I can learn what I need to learn to move on with my life. The rough patches in my life would be much rougher if I was unable to connect with spirit the way I do through Hope. Thank you, Hope, for being willing to step out of the way personally so this amazing guidance can come through you.”

Patrick D.


“I have experienced many healing modalities and sessions as the owner of a wellness center, so everything I promote has to come through my knowledge and heart.  Hope's work does exactly that.  Through the help of divine guidance and her infinite knowledge, she can tap into any scenario and extract the heart of the matter - the truth and essence of the happening - providing clarity and a firm foundation, which encourages one to look within.  A session that combines clearing, channeled messages, wisdom, and tools to go forward with that is a WOW.  I cannot ask for anything more…”

Barbara S.


"Hope is a gifted intuitive and messenger. She is an open and willing vessel, calling guidance to come through. And it always does. Powerfully. I have had a number of dowsing sessions on varied topics. All of them have been right on the mark. The last one brought in my father, and with Hope's clear, thoughtful questions, I got some very  important answers. Hope is connected to Source in the most beautiful way."

Barbara N.


"Essentially, I have gone from skeptic to believer in the dowsing process.  Hope has helped me and many others face critical decisions in our lives by careful questioning, which helped to clarify and hone our concerns into thoughtful questions to ask the dowsing rods.  For anyone considering this process, with Hope's expert care you will face your most difficult decisions and fears, feeling safe and supported throughout.  You can count on Hope's absolute confidentiality and focus in helping you find your next steps.” 

 Loris M. 

“Hope Fitzgerald is an amazing, authentic and very powerful spirit and having a session with her is  truly life changing!  Her passion and desire to help others is apparent immediately.  Many times over the last several years, I have turned to Hope for counseling and dowsing advice and I instantaneously start to see the bigger picture with a clearer vision of what steps I need to take to get focused and move forward.  She allows me to feel safe and vulnerable, without any judgment.  Without fail, EVERY TIME I walk away with a renewed sense of hope and clarity.  The dowsing rods are extremely accurate!  (I now even own a set!) 


Hope is a magnificent motivator and encourages self acceptance and self reliance with the utmost faith and certainty that we all have it in us.  Hope is a PERFECT example of what it means to , "walk the talk".  She sincerely lives from her heart, with love and gratitude and in the moment!  A true angel here on Earth.”

Sheri B.


 "Hope is a master at connecting the dots of personal information and creating a clearer picture of my life, and then reflecting it back to me so that I would always have a deeper and more loving understanding of myself.”

Jayne A.


“Through our dowsing session with Hope, my skeptical husband and I were guided toward a new life plan that revealed itself clearly.  Our individual interests were validated and merged into what we are now referring to as our 5-year plan to retirement.  Now, one year into that 5-year plan, things are going along beautifully well, following a path that flows with ease and confidence.  The experience with Hope confirmed my belief in the gift of dowsing (and even my husband’s) and I have even become interested in learning to dowse myself.  I whole-heartedly recommend Hope for spiritual guidance and insight through dowsing.  She is truly an inspiration to me and her Divine talents are a gift to our family.”

Rhonda K.


“Hope Fitzgerald is a wonderfully wise, intuitive and generous human being.  I have had the pleasure of knowing her as a treasured friend and colleague for over twenty years.  When facing daunting personal and professional challenges, I find it incredibly helpful to talk with Hope.  With great warmth and a lovely sense of humor, Hope offers nuanced, constructive guidance about how to address to complex problems.  I cannot begin to convey how greatly I value Hope’s wisdom and support!”

Norma B.